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On Friday, March 12, 2010 from 7-8 p.m,. investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss will be at the Teton County Library, Ordway Auditorium, Jackson, Wy.  Mr. Dreyfuss will discuss his observations of the 2009 Iranian elections and the demonstrations afterwards.  This event is free and open to the public.


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Beginning Feb 3, 2010, there will be a storytime at the Alta Branch every Wednesday from 11:00 -11:45 a.m. There will be stories, songs, arts, crafts and fun. The Alta Branch of the Teton County Library is located at 50 Alta School Road, Alta, WY.

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Wow, it’s finally here — the day Dark Horse Books has a new owner!!!

As you all saw in the Valley Citizen last week, Phyllis Lamken of Victor has purchased Dark Horse and her first day — officially — behind the counter is TODAY!

Of course, there are many details left for me to assist Phyllis and family with, so I’ll be here on and off (quite a bit, at least this first part of the month) during December.  Do stop by and say hello and discover all the new energy and verve Phyllis brings with her to the store — I’m excited, I hope you are too.

This is my last blog post here on the DHB site. I may be setting up a new personal blog (will let Phyllis know about that and maybe even link it here). And if any of you are interested, my new personal e-mail is jeanneanderson@silverstar.com.

With Judith, Phyllis and Amber, celebrating decorating for the holidays on Saturday.

If you haven’t yet seen the Valley Citizen’s story last week about the sale, click here.

Thanks for everything, and with gusto, here’s to a wonderful new era at Dark Horse Books!

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It’s Wednesday, November 25, early on what promises to be a frosty morning. As you know, Peter and I are selling the bookstore and the transfer takes place next Tuesday, Dec. 1st. I have promised my friends at the Valley Citizen that I would not “scoop” them by revealing the buyer’s name here on the Dark Horse blog (the story will be in this week’s issue) but of course there’s more I feel I MUST communicate.

First, THANK YOU to all of you for making our two-year experiment into a 14-year-old business.

It has been because of your support, your encouragement and your friendship that we have, as Lewis and Clark used to say, “proceeded on.”  We’ve been proud to be YOUR source for books, reading information, and more. Your purchases, your humor and your loyalty have been instrumental in the store’s ability to continue to operate. 

Hopefully, that won’t change. I personally hope you will continue to see Dark Horse Books as a community hub and THE spot to connect with literature and people.

Of course  I will miss encountering you from my usual spot behind the counter!  But there are so many other ways to connect (and I’ll likely be exploring all of them!)

One thing I know, the new owners are bringing a HUGE dose of passion and creativity and community spirit to the bookstore.

Someone, flatteringly, said we would be a tough act to follow. (So many people have said so many nice things, it seems!)  The good news is that the Dark Horse Books show will go on….. like a play with a new director, it’ll have a bit of a new interpretation, lots of fresh ideas and energy, carrying on the traditions we’ve established but perhaps with a new (and better?) twist.  I hope you share my excitement! 

Lastly, I’d like to remind you all that ALL our local businesses need your support.  Head to downtown Driggs (and Victor and Tetonia, too) rather than to Idaho Falls or shopping on-line — you might be surprised by all that our stores have to offer. 

And if you don’t believe local retailers and restaurants are commited to this community, check out JUST HOW MANY (including Dark Horse Books) are once again participating in the “Shop Local for Schools” day on Saturday, Dec. 5th. We put our money where our mouths (and kids!) are — won’t you too? Not just that day, though — do it THROUGHOUT the season!

As for us, on Friday we’ll be decorating the store (have always liked to do it AFTER Thanksgiving!) and throughout at least some of December, I’ll be assisting with training and wrapping up all details on the transition.

So, once again, thank you, on this Thanksgiving. Have a safe and blessed holiday, and hope to see you soon!

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Hello to all our wonderful customers and regular readers! You’ve probably been aware that Peter and I were gone for not quite the last two weeks, and that the Dark Horse blog wasn’t updated during that time.   The good news is that the blog updating was just about the only thing NOT ON THE MOVE regarding Dark Horse…. We will have exciting news and SOON for all our friends and neighbors — stay tuned (and keep on coming in!!!)

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Nancy has been a good friend to us since we moved here, and an even bigger part of the Teton Valley community since she moved here!  I’m thrilled she’s speaking at Great Women of Teton Valley this Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, starting at 6:30 p.m. at St. Francis of the Tetons Episcopal Church in Alta. It’s free, non-denominational and a chance to be inspired by one among us…..


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You may have seen this poster around town (or on the Dark Horse Books counter) but we wanted to remind you that everyone is invited this weekend to see a free preview of a new Idaho Public Television OUTDOOR IDAHO production.

The public event includes the preview screening of “Yellowstone’s Cascade Corner,” refreshments and a reception with IdahoPTV staff members. It begins at 5 p.m. this Sunday (November 1) at the Senior Center in Driggs.  

The program explores the lush southwestern corner of the park that extends from Wyoming into Idaho. Many of the park’s 50 waterfalls drop dramatically within these 200 square miles amid huge meadows, twisting canyons and pine forests. As most of the inspiring torrents in the aptly named Cascade Corner can only be reached by foot or on horseback,  visitors are few and natural beauty and wonders are plentiful. 

The show also offers views of some of the famous highlights in other parts of Yellowstone, the nation’s oldest national park. 

Although the poster suggests RSVP-ing, all are welcome to attend, even if you haven’t called to reserve space.  See you there!

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