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Happy Saturday! Hope this finds you well and warm.

Wanted to remind you all that we have a nice assortment of 2010 calendars, including the ever-popular We ‘Moon and three new ones from Crane Creek Graphics (next door in Wilson, Wyoming), which we haven’t carried before.  (Sorry, having trouble posting the pictures of them.)

Someone asked me this week why we rarely had good ol’ fashioned cookies on our treat table anymore. The answer is — popular demand!  We have had many (MANY) parents ask that we keep the nibbles to saltines, graham crackers and other kind of things with not-so-much sugar. And now we have a secret supply of gluten-free crackers, too — so if this is better for your youngster, please ask!

Lastly, it’s 10/10 (can you believe it?) so that means Halloween is just three weeks away. We’ve ordered in some wonderful spooky titles for youngsters of all ages, everything from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to Berenstein Bears and the Spooky Tree (with Goosebumps and Bailey School Kids thrown in for good measure.) Come on by if your Halloween collection needs some new titles!


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I always love it when I see something that talks about the fact that in spite of all our technological ways to gather information, people still like to READ, and that independent bookstores around the country are still thriving.

Thanks to Bob Heneage, who gave me a copy of a recent issue of The Economist magazine, which discussed “the rising vogue for shopping near home” and the tale of two bookstores in Austin, Texas, BookPeople and Waterloo Records, who successfully fought against the city subsizding a new Borders which would have been located directly across the street from the existing stores. The two competitiors called in a consulting firm (Civic Economics) to show that more of the money spent at their stores stayed in Austin.  This piece is worth reading (click here for the on-line version.)

If the concept sounds familiar, it’s similar to what the folks at the 3/50 Project have found out, and that we practice when we recommend that shoppers at Dark Horse also head over to Habitat, Guchiebird’s, Yostmark, Big Hole Music, the Wardrobe, Corner Drug, MagPie, Mountain Knits, Peaked Sports, and all over our favorite local restaurants.   

In another encouraging article Peter spotted for me, Newsweek magazine recently had a list of “25 Things You Need to Know Now” — number two on the list is the fact that “Books aren’t dead” which details two things: that the number of books in print is up (it’s risen 38 percent each of the last two years in comparison to the previous year) and that a number of major universities (i.e., University of Michigan, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania) are all selling publishing rights to the contents of their own libraries. (Most will be available “on-demand” and yes, some of them may even be in digital format.)  It concludes: “Publishing’s obituary may be, much like Mark Twain’s, premature.” You can read the full piece by clicking here.

Lastly, someone asked me yesterday why we didn’t have a link to the New York Times Sunday Book Review on the Dark Horse Books blog — so, this seemed like a good time to post it as well.  Click here to read the most recent reviews (or to find an archived review.)

Happy reading!  See you at the store soon — and do call if you want us to save a seat for Saturday’s event with Leland and Lynna Howard.

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Daria1_550x382As many of you know, our friend Daria (pictured above, in action) has been doing wonderful things in Guinea (among the poorest of the poor African countries) where she has started an ophanage and school; and she has been selected as one of 100 to qualify for a $ 10,000 grant from NAU.

Wow, what she could do there with that amount of money!

This came from another friend, Simone, in the forwarding of the message: “Please  take a few minutes and vote for her. You have to register and then vote. She just started her foundation and has stiff competition.( Too bad one has to compete for these causes…!!). Also, take a few seconds to pass this on.”
Note that the voting closes in mid-August. And do follow the directions she lists to see the video….
This is the info Daria sent in her original e-mail.
Just a quick note to let you know that “Woontanara Aid” has been nominated for the nau grant-for-change.
There are over 100 nominees in the running for this grant and the winner will receive $10,000 to further their projects for the betterment of a given community.
This grant will be awarded partially on the amount of votes each nominee receives from the public.
That’s you…
Woontanara Aid needs your vote!  (here’s how)
1.)  Please go to www.nau.com/collective/grant-for-change/daria-649.html  and cast your vote for Woontanara Aid now!  It is also listed under “Daria”.  Voting closes mid August so please get your vote in before the deadline!
2.)  Next, please forward this email to everyone you think would be interested in supporting Woontanara Aid by voting for us!
If you would like even more information about Woontanara Aid, you can view our documentary online by following these directions: 
*First, copy one of the URLs below, then open Quicktime, and
under the file menu, select Open or Open URL and paste it there:
*these directions are the only way to view the documentary, it will not work to simply click on the link.
Thank you so much everyone for your support and thank you Eric Henderson, for the nomination!
Peace and Love and Woontanara!

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Dear Jeanne,

Last week my wife Mary Lou and I stopped in the bookstore. If you remember she was meeting with your friend Carol. We enjoyed meeting you and browsing in the store.

While we were there, Mary Lou bought a copy of The Legend of Colton H. Bryant for my birthday. We both read the book and enjoyed it immensely. It is so powerful on the nature and importance of friendship and the great lengths friends will go to help each other. By the end of the book, we felt we knew and wanted to meet Colton, his family, and friends.

Alexandra Fuller so effectively reminds her readers of great virtues of what it means to be human. We compliment her on how carefully and skillfully she merged the profound and the simple that characterize personal relationships. I liken it to another of my favorites, Plainsong by Kent Haruf. Both works inspire us not only to look for and appreciate the good and caring that people extend to one another but also to do so in our own daily deeds and actions.

We look forward to visiting Dark Horse Books again and talking with you on our next trip to Driggs.

Good luck in your work.

Dick and Mary Lou Kinney

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Good customer Phyllis Lamken of Victor was just in to pick up a couple special order titles (as well as some things 50%-off) and told me today is “Support Your Local Independent Bookstore” Day.

How cool is that?

And it provides me with a perfect opportunity to say THANKS to everyone who, like Phyllis, has put their money where their mouth is and over the years, given us encouragement and friendship as well as  patronage !

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“Chaos is the welcome mat to the door of creativity.”  M. Gelb

And more, on this May Day 2009:

* For you (still) a special deal — the Big Friends sale continues on JEWELRY through Mother’s Day.  All kids and parenting titles 10% off not just tomorrow (Storytime Saturday) but TODAY as well. And some markdowns (tagged on the shelves) are still left on books, but always remember, if you snooze you lose!

** So, kiddos (and moms and dads), see you at 11 manana when Lorene will lead and read “Spring has sprung” storybooks — Mother Goose giveaway, too.

* Beauty, Knowledge, Grace and Truth — what else but this, the Dark Horse creation for tonight’s “Eat Your Words” fundraiser at the ground-breaking for the new Alta Library. 

* A big round of applause to Ginny Newsom (source of the quote above) and everyone who worked so hard to make last Saturday’s Trash Bash successful….

* There is SO much to do again this weekend…. Let’s all get out there!

* Lastly, anybody else hoping this would this be the last morning we wake up to snow on the ground here in Teton Valley???

Have a great day, everyone!

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Made me laugh!

Anybody remember the old TV show called “Kids Say the Darnedest Things?”  Art Linkletter would have loved this one……
Lori Kramer writes on her Facebook page: ‘”Dad, you better get dressed. Nobody wants to see you in your underwear.” by my 4 yr. old son this morning.’

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