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Hopefully, this twitter account will fun for everyone.  If you are a twit, check it out at



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 It was a bit of a struggle, but  the Dark Horse Books website is live. Please check out the website. It is www.darkhorsebooks.com Soon the site should allow the online purchase of books and other items. Helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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 For your pleasure, here is a poem by Robley Wilson-

I Wish in the City of Your Heart

I wish in the city of your heart

you would let me be the street

where you walk when you are most

yourself. I imagine the houses:

It has been raining, but the rain is done

and the children kept home

have begun opening their doors.

from Poetry 180 A Turning Back to Poetry

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A shipment of  Dark Horse Books hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts arrived today. There is a variety of colors and sizes available. We also have children long sleeve t-shirts.

Dark Horse Books caps are expected any day. Also, there are Crone t-shirts for those of us trying to embrace our outer crone.

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Dark Horse Books now has an additional online presence through Abe Books. While the Store is still compiling its online inventory, it has already accomplished its first goal of listing its inventory of the many wonderful books, which are written and illustrated by the local and regional authors of the Teton area. The inventory has been online for less than 24 hours and already there are 96 matches to want lists. These matches may or may not result in sales. However, Dark Horse Books believes that it is a strong indication that this newest venture is an opportunity for Dark Horse Books to provide a greater venue for local authors and writers.

In the next month, Dark Horse Books hopes to have a website up and running. Through this website local and distant customers will be able to order books and review our inventory.

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Hello Everyone:

Dark Horse Books will be participating in Shop For Schools this Saturday, December 5, 2009. When you purchase a book at full price, ten percent of your purchase will be donated to the Teton Valley Education Foundation.

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Wow, it’s finally here — the day Dark Horse Books has a new owner!!!

As you all saw in the Valley Citizen last week, Phyllis Lamken of Victor has purchased Dark Horse and her first day — officially — behind the counter is TODAY!

Of course, there are many details left for me to assist Phyllis and family with, so I’ll be here on and off (quite a bit, at least this first part of the month) during December.  Do stop by and say hello and discover all the new energy and verve Phyllis brings with her to the store — I’m excited, I hope you are too.

This is my last blog post here on the DHB site. I may be setting up a new personal blog (will let Phyllis know about that and maybe even link it here). And if any of you are interested, my new personal e-mail is jeanneanderson@silverstar.com.

With Judith, Phyllis and Amber, celebrating decorating for the holidays on Saturday.

If you haven’t yet seen the Valley Citizen’s story last week about the sale, click here.

Thanks for everything, and with gusto, here’s to a wonderful new era at Dark Horse Books!

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